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ALU 01.jpg

tri-leg series, aluminium & ply chair

450 x 450mm, 800 mm high


photography : nic pennington

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The aluminium & plywood chair is part of the Tri-leg series,  all of which are characterised by the same shape but with different materials. The main structure is made of aluminium, which is covered with black felt on the seat and the backrest to increase seating comfort. Its three legs give the impression of a certain lightness, at the same time they form an aesthetic contrast to the thin steel plates that serve as the seat and backrest due to their material thickness. The backrest support, which consists of a single steel profile, acts as an aesthetic element and as a suspension while allowing for a soft bounce for the benefit of seating comfort.

Other variants of the tri-leg series are made of aluminum and wood, steel and wood or stainless steel and wood.




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