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SOFA 01.jpg

project :

FU04 tangent


materials :

Foam, Velvet

size :

2700 x 1200 mm, 650 mm high

year :


'Tangent' emerged from the idea of reconfiguring a conventional daybed. The piece features a central cylindrical cushion, strategically placed to facilitate dual-sided usage. This configuration ensures versatility, allowing individuals to lounge and relax from either side of the daybed with equal comfort and convenience. When viewed from the side, the circular form of the cushion delicately balances on the rectangular base, creating a harmonious connection reminiscent of mathematical tangents.


'Tangent' indulges in the tactile pleasure of rich tobacco coloured velvet upholstery. The intense hue of the matte velvet upholstery serves as a visual anchor, drawing attention to the simple contours and silhouette. With it’s softness and inviting texture, the fabric elevates the sensory experience of interacting with the daybed. The short, dense pile of the velvet ensures a plush feel when touched.

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