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IL02 penthouse was created from an uninhabited attic space of a typical old Berlin corner building, covering an area of 135 square meters. The corner building is located in Berlin's Neukölln district near Tempelhofer Feld.

For the renovation particular importance was given to maintain the clarity of space and architectural lines. The rooms are designed to be as simple as possible and the positioning of the windows was carefully considered so that their lower edges correlate with the approach of the roof slopes. Some elements of the original building fabric were preserved as an aesthetic features: Such as wooden beams and columns that serve as sculptural elements, and some areas of the brickwork that are left exposed. A new screed floor with underfloorheating was installed to ensure a seamless surface creating a clean backdrop for the angled roof and it’s visible timber structure.

The layout of the apartment is characterised by its openness. From an open plan living area, a hallway leads to the bedroom whose double doors can be opened across the entire width of the hallway. This creates the impression of a single large room while allowing the private bedroom to be partitioned off. In various areas in the apartment illuminated niches serve to highlight architectural features and furnishings.

Photos : nic pennington

project :

IL02 penthouse


location :



size :

135 sq m

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