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LF02, Duality

copper and concrete

300 x 150 mm, 1800 mm high


The Duality LF02 floor lamp is characterised by a cylindrical lampshade with two light sources that radiate from front and back and can be switched separately activated individually. The thrown light cast appears reddish and warm due to the materiality of the shade and the head mirror bulb and thus picks up on contributing to the overall colour concept of the lamp.

A gently curved copper tube connects the lampshade with the base of the lamp. The solid concrete base creates a material and colour contrast while providing stability for the lamp. In addition, as From an aesthetic perspective element, it repeats exactly the shape and dimensions of the lampshade, whereby both elements combine to form a harmonious unit. A variant of the LF02 also has a cylindrical base made of red sandstone, which takes up the color of the copper and thus contributes to a uniform composition.

Due to the bend in the copper tube and the two light sources, the lamp provides the ideal lighting angle for reading and an or for atmospheric lighting for a lounge. The possibility of rotating and tilting the lampshade  gives flexibility in finding a desirable angle individually also increases the convenience of use. The stone base provides space for the necessary cables and transformers, which supports the clear character of the lamp.



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