solid wood series, mahogany & oak table

1630 x 660 mm, 370 mm high


photography : matthew coleman

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The Mahogany & Oak Coffee Table is a coffee table from the Solid Wood Series. 


The Solid Wood Series, available in different functions, sizes and wood species, is characterised by the same approach to the only material used, wood: The table tops and seats are made from one piece of solid wood, preserving the tree edge in its natural state. Through this, the original shape of the tree used is still visible in the completed furniture. The legs are also made of solid wood, but are expressed in various forms and are often made of a different type of wood or have a different finish. All pieces of the raw wood used in the series have been careful chosen and are planed and finely sanded. The different materials and finishes of the tabletop or seat and legs create tension and contrast within a single piece of furniture. 


The Mahogany & Oak Coffee Table consists of a solid mahogany table top and matt oiled oak legs.