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GLA TRAY 01.jpg

project :

'opacity' tray


materials :


size :

350 x 350 mm, 50 mm high

year :


This object is developed with the idea of utilising different glass types in order take advantage of the materials inherent qualities of transparency and reflection.

The simple geometric forms and precise mitre joints enables one to fully appreciate the properties of glass. Viewing the objects from different angles provides a changing viewing experience through the layering of glass and the reflections of their environment.

The tray was devised to create a simple storage area for small household or bathroom accessories. Dark grey glass is used for the sides of the tray to subtlety filter the contents they hold. A central fin divides the tray in two for organising it’s contents. The mirrored base reflects the walls of the tray and the surrounding space.

Photos : marvin palmgren

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