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project :

seamus kowarzik studio


location :



size :

200 sq m

year :


Located in a typical Berlin apartment building just off Karl Marx Alle the studio space was converted from a vacated upholsterer and a disused bakery. The layout was configured in a series of small rooms including an industrial oven that was situated at the back of the unit. The circa 200 sq m space over two floors was completely gutted to create two office spaces on the ground floor with storage and a model making area in the basement area.  The oven measuring 5 x 3 m in plan and 6m high was removed creating a new room that houses the meeting room. 


To contrast the heaviness of the thick existing masonry walls a timber box was inserted into the main office space where the kitchen and bathroom are located. The timber box is clad with 3.8m high birch wood panelling that has a white stain allowing for a subtle colour transition from the off white walls. The desks were specially designed for the space and constructed from solid mahogany providing a visual focal point against the pale walls and timber box. Custom made lights were created to provide various lighting atmospheres for the space.


Photos : Friederike von Rauch 

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