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We are a multidisciplinary design studio working in the fields of furniture design, interior design and architecture. We offer a range of end-to-end services from concept design through to finished pieces.


After completing his architectural studies in London, studio founder Seamus Kowarzik worked with various architectural practices, most notably, John Pawson in London and Sauerbruch & Hutton in Berlin. During his 10-years with John Pawson he engaged in the creation of a range of projects varying in scale from the vast private gallery The Feuerle Collection in Berlin, The Palmgren House in Stockholm, to a door handle crafted for the specialist German manufacturer FSB.


The studio was established in 2016. It engages with each project with a cohesive ethos; in its sensitivity to texture, choice of materials, proportion, and light. An appreciation of each of the component materials’ inherent qualities and how they interact are fundamental to every project. Engaging with materials first hand through making furniture pieces has allowed the studio to gain valuable experience in their behaviour and the subtle differences in texture and finish.

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