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The IL05 apartment is located in a typical Berlin apartment building in Weissensee, where it’s situated on the corner of a historical block. Where possible the existing building fabric was preserved allowing for the character of the spaces to remain intact, such as the rough texture of the old walls and the patchwork wooden flooring. A soft pink tone was employed for the walls and ceilings, while the existing floor boards were painted in a light beige hue to complement the tonality of the walls.


The joinery for the kitchen and bathroom continues this theme with a beige tone that is punctuated with pockets of colour from the fixtures and fittings. Other elements in space such as the copper heating pipes and light fixtures introduce other contrasting elements of colour in the rooms. A floor to ceiling curtain was installed in the corner room to provide privacy while adding an additional layer of texture to the space. 


Each space in the apartment is illuminated by several wall lights allowing one to manipulate the contrast in light and its intensity. The corner room and hallway feature custom made wall lights with a concealed light source to accentuate the rugged texture of the walls and help foster the apartment’s warm atmosphere. 

Project team : Leonardo Dossi, Tatiana Leonteva

size :

93 sq m

location :



project :

IL05 apartment refurbishment


year :

2021 - 2022

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